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Abu Nidal
  • Abu Nidal organization (ANO) -  Description, activities, strength, area of operation and external aid. From the Federation of American Scientists. USA.www.fas.org/irp/world/para/ano.htm
  • Abu Nidal Organization (ANO), aka Fatah Revolutionary Council, the ... -  27 May 2009 ... A profile of Abu Nidal, a terrorist organization opposed to the state of Israel.www.cfr.org ›
  • Abu Nidal - LookLex Encyclopaedia -  Palestinian politician and guerilla leader. PHOTO. Article in the LookLex / Encyclopaedia.i-cias.com/e.o/abu_nidal.htm
  • U.S. welcomes news of Abu Nidal's death - CNN -  19 Aug 2002 ... The United States welcomed news Monday of the death of Abu Nidal, a Palestinian guerrilla leader whose group has been blamed for attacks in ...articles.cnn.com/.../mideast.nidal_1_abu-nidal-al-ayyam-neve-shalom-synagogue?_...
  • Amazon.com: Abu Nidal : A Gun for Hire : The Secret Life of the ... -  Amazon.com: Abu Nidal : A Gun for Hire : The Secret Life of the World's Most Notorious Arab Terrorist (9780679400660): Patrick Seale: Books.www.amazon.com › ... › ›
  • Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy ... -  25 Oct 2008 ... Iraqi secret police believed that the notorious Palestinian assassin Abu Nidal was working for the Americans as well as Egypt and Kuwait ...www.independent.co.uk › ... › ›
  • Abu Nidal -- A Profile of Terrorist Leader Abu Nidal -  The Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal was known in the 1970s and 1980s as a prolific, if paranoid, terrorist. Learn more about Abu Nidal here.terrorism.about.com/od/.../p/AbuNidal.htm
  • Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) -  27 Apr 2005 ... Abu Nidal Organization Council on Foreign Relations in cooperation ... Jane's World Insurgency & Terrorism, "Abu Nidal Murder Trail Leads ...www.globalsecurity.org/military/.../abunidal.htm
  • Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) -  Twenty countries have been attacked by the Abu Nidal Organization of terrorists. The main targets of this group is the United States, France, United Kingdom ...library.thinkquest.org/.../terorgabunid.htm
  • BBC NEWS | Middle East | Abu Nidal: Ruthless maverick -  20 Aug 2002 ... Middle East analyst Gerald Butt assesses the life and legacy of Palestinian militant leader Abu Nidal.news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2203099.stm
  • Abu Nidal Organization - definition of Abu Nidal Organization by ... -  Noun, 1. Abu Nidal Organization - a Palestinian international terrorist organization that split from the PLO in 1974; has conducted terrorist attacks in 20 ...www.thefreedictionary.com/Abu+Nidal+Organization
  • Abu Nidal - Mossad Terrorist - [PDF]  Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Whatever jobs [Abu Nidal] might have done for Arab sponsors, and ... One French terrorism expert stated: "If Abu Nidal himself is not an ...www.nogw.com/download/_07_nidal_mo.pdf
  • terrorismfiles.org : Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) -  TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) ... Suspected of assassinating PLO deputy chief Abu Iyad and PLO security chief Abu Hul in Tunis in ...www.terrorismfiles.org/.../abu_nidal_organization.html
  • Abu Nidal fotos, noticias y más - 22 Feb 2011 ... Una corte italiana en Khaled condenado 1988, líder palestino fugitivo Abu Nidal del guerrilla y otro palestino para el ataque. ...es.famozz.com/terrorists/abu-nidal
  • Abu Nidal -  A TWA spokesman in New York says that sabotage is “highly unlikely,” but a youth organization in Beirut with connections to Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal ...www.historycommons.org ›
  • In Search for Truth: "Munich" and Abu Nidal -  19 Jan 2006 ... He was called Abu Nidal. And he and his organisation "Black September" have scored many more points for the Israeli side. ...erlenda.blogspot.com/2006/01/munich-and-abu-nidal.html
  • Terrorism - In the Spotlight: Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) -  9 Oct 2002 ... CDI Terrorism Project - In the Spotlight: Abu Nidal Organization (ANO), by Noriyuki Katagiri, CDI Research Assistant.www.cdi.org/terrorism/ano.cfm
  • Abu Nidal killed himself, says Iraqi minister | World news | The ... -  21 Aug 2002 ... Iraq's deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, confirmed last night that Abu Nidal had committed suicide at his flat in Baghdad.www.guardian.co.uk/world/2002/aug/21/iraq.israel
  • Background Information on Foreign Terrorist Organizations -  8 Oct 1999 ... Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) a.k.a. Black September, the Fatah Revolutionary Council, the Arab Revolutionary Council, the Arab Revolutionary ...www.state.gov › ... ›
  • Person of the Week: Abu Nidal - TIME -  22 Aug 2002 ... For reminding us that what goes around comes around — are you watching, Osama? — the Palestinian terror legend is our POW.www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,340300,00.html
  • Abu Nidal - News - The Jerusalem Post -  Follow Abu Nidal at jpost.com for real time news, photos and videos.newstopics.jpost.com/topic/Abu_Nidal
  • Abu Nidal - Wikimedia -  3 Aug 2009 ... Abu Nidal (Arabic: أبو نضال ) (May 1937–August 16, 2002), born Sabri Khalil al-Banna (Arabic: صبري خليل البنا), was the founder of ...flaggedrevs.labs.wikimedia.org/wiki/Abu_Nidal
  • List of Terrorist Attacks Attributed to Abu Nidal (1972 - 1997) -  Abu Nidal (Sabri al-Banna) commanded a reputation as the world's most ruthless terrorist leader until the title was claimed by Osama bin Laden in the late ...www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/.../AbuNidalListofAttacks.html
  • ABU NIDAL - :: MEDEA :: -  (Sabry Khalil Al-Banna, a.k.a. Abu Nidal). Palestinian politician born in Jaffa in 1937 as son of a wealthy Muslim landowner. Exiled in 1948 together with ...www.medea.be › ›
  • snopes.com: Oliver North Warns About Osama Bin Laden -  "For sheer viciousness, Abu Nidal has few rivals in the underworld of ... But I am not willing to have my wife and my four children meet Abu Nidal or his ...www.snopes.com/rumors/north.asp
  • What does abu nidal organization mean? -  Definition of abu nidal organization in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of abu nidal organization. What does abu nidal organization mean?www.definitions.net/definition/abu%20nidal%20organization
  • Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism -  29 Aug 2007 ... The ANO international terrorist organization was founded by Sabri al-Banna (a.k.a. Abu Nidal) after splitting from the PLO in 1974. ...www.investigativeproject.org/profile/120
  • Abu Nidal -  Abu Nidal, an old terroist assassinated in August 2002 in Baghdad by Iraq intelligence.www.fsmitha.com/h2/nidal.htm
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